Cornerstones of operational processes

Recruitment channels have been developed in Finland and East of Europe during different projects within past 10 years. There are both previous employees and new candidates.
Competence is proofed by various testing, that may include verification of certificates, training, drug-test, criminal records, medicals or any other required evidence of competence.
Deployment to project area, include travel arrangements, facilitating training, support with necessary work and resident permits. There is often cost-share model with the customer. We co-operate with the customer for training, CSCS and other cards, administration.
Operation phase means always local employment – all workers are employed under site-country tax and social regulations. Compliance with-site specific rules and regulations is valid. Site support provides service both to the customer and the workforce.
Services for workforce such as accommodation, daily commute, support with tax issues, banking operations and family issues are provided. Transparent employment conditions apply.

Aim at long-term solution for customer HR challenges

Motivated workforce are found by providing challenging and rewarding job opportunities for the workers, including sustainable employment benefits.
Long-term benefits for the customer are result of better planning and control of the workforce, reduced turnover, higher motivation and improved production.

The operations – keys better co-operation and transparency

Local presence, management and commitment, there is immediate and effective decision-making
HSE, health, safety and environment principles are appreciated
Appreciated employer respects industrial peace within trade unions and the authorities by having clear records with any stakeholder or body involved.
Tax Footprint is evidenced by monthly/quarterly report about employees, paid withholding tax, VAT, social contributions and other employer fees.
Measurement, analysis and improvement are part of continuous operational process.